Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fencing is a popular choice for residents and business owners in Pace Florida because it is an affordable, maintenance-free fencing material that will last a lifetime!

Vinyl Fencing - Superior Engineering

Vinyl fencing is engineered and manufactured to be a perfect solution for the Pensacola climate. Depending on the specific style you choose, here are some of the major features.

Vinyl Fence Section Features

Hidden Attachment Points

Vinyl fences are secured invisibly. No visible screws or other attachments. Our vinyl fences are manufactured for ultimate beauty.

Beautiful & Durable PVC Plastic

Our vinyl fences are molded from durable PVC plastic. The color is not just a coating, but runs through the entire product ... so the color never fades or scratches off!

Thick Vinyl Walls

Our vinyl fences are manufactured with thicker vinyl than many other vinyl fences. This means they will offer strong, long lasting protection - which is why we can offer a lifetime warranty!

Florida Vinyl Fence Company

Decorative Vinyl Fence

The perfect fence does more than protect - it enhances too. Our wide selection of styles and colors increase curb appeal and add years of value to your home. With ActiveYards' wide selection of colors and styles to choose from, you can create a look that is distinctly yours.

Vinyl Privacy Fence

If seclusion is what you're after, choose from a variety of styles to transform your yard into a personal sanctuary. Your private outdoor sanctuary should be just that: Private. Our privacy fences go together easily, locking tightly into place without any gaps.

Florida Vinyl Fence Company
Florida Vinyl Fence Company

Vinyl Pool Fence

Pools are for relaxation, not worry. Our vinyl fence panels meet the most stringent pool safety codes. We want to keep you and your family safe and still stylish. Pool safety is a must, and safety can be synonymous with style when it comes to ActiveYards' pool code approved fences. We recommend selecting a fence that gives you a clear view from your home or yard, yet still provides a safe and secure boundary.

Vinyl Protection Fence

Your peace of mind is uppermost in our mind. With our vinyl fence products you can keep what's important in and what's unwanted out. Several of our fences provide a beautiful and durable, yet cost-effective solution for your home and yard. We are committed to providing fencing solutions that make you feel safe and secure without breaking the bank.

Florida Vinyl Fence Company

Dogwood Vinyl Privacy Fence

Fences don't come more classic than this ultimate privacy panel. The Dogwood fence features a 2-rail design with complete privacy from post to post thanks to ActiveYards' GlideLock locking picket technology.

ActiveYards GlideLockTechnology

Not only does this provide added seclusion and privacy for your yard, it also helps your fence hold up better against wind and other elements that can potentially damage it. Strength and security are all in the design.

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