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Common Styles of Wood Fencing

Stockade Wood Fence

A stockade wood fence is comprised of wood boards placed tightly next to each other attached to horizontal rails. There is no gap between the boards of a stockade fence. Typically, the tops of the stockade fence pickets are pointed, but the tops can be finished off in a variety of ways.

Wood Shadowbox Fence Design

The shadowbox fence design style is unique because it looks great from both sides of the fence. There is no obvious "inside" or "outside" of the fence, making it a popular choice for homeowners who want to see the "pretty side" of the fence.

Ranch Rail Fencing

Ranch rail fencing has many variations. 2-rail and 3-rail ranch fences are most common, but there are also crossbuck styles and a large number of variations. These fences are typically used to define an area. They are not for privacy or security, but they can be the perfect solution for a large number of situations.

Wood Picket Fencing

Wood picket fencing is very popular in Florida. Many homeowners prefer the traditional look of the white picket fence to keep children and pets safe without seeming harsh or "shutoff" from their neighbors.

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