It’s exciting to think about elevating the look of your property with the addition of a new fence. However, it can also be a little overwhelming due to the many options that are on the market. Deciding what the priorities are for your new fence is a great first step in the process. In this article, our experts at Pensacola, FL fence company, High Steele Fencing, walk you through the process of comparing different fence materials and styles, helping you decide which fits your needs the best! 

What Are Your Main Priorities?

It’s important to consider the intended purpose of your fence and how it will be used. We can compare certain factors such as privacy, height, and security to gain clarity on what your priorities are and what the function of your fence will be. This will help eliminate certain types and styles that don’t fit your goals. For example, if you are looking for a fence that requires little to no maintenance, then a wood fence would not be a great choice. In the area of aesthetics, if you want a fence that will provide function along with elevating the curb appeal of your property, then chain-link fencing may not be the top option either. So, this narrows down your options to a Pensacola aluminum fence or vinyl fence!


For creating privacy and preventing your neighbors from having a view of your backyard, vinyl will definitely be the better option. Vinyl fences are known for having pickets that are arranged to form closed panels, so it’s not possible to see through the fence itself. The pickets on aluminum fences are spaced further apart, so those passing by can see through the fence and into the yard. If you like the look of a vinyl fence but prefer a more open feel, It is possible to create the open look that aluminum provides with a vinyl fence material.  

The height of your fence is another consideration when the goal of your fence is privacy or if securing animals into or out of your yard is part of your purpose. Pensacola Vinyl and aluminum fences are both available at a height of six feet, which provides adequate coverage.

If your priority is security, aluminum might be the best option. Pensacola aluminum fences are strong and durable and are very difficult to cut through. The pointed pickets on many styles make an aluminum fence difficult to climb over, so may deter someone who is wanting to break into your property. 


As much as function is a deciding factor when choosing a fence, the way a fence looks also carries a lot of weight. Fortunately, both aluminum and vinyl fences offer an attractive appearance that lends themselves to a variety of styles, from classic to homey, elegant to modern. Pensacola, FL fence company High Steele Fencing carries a wide range of options. While you might opt for an aluminum fence with decorative pickets and ornamental details, there is also the option of a white vinyl fence with the pickets spaced a bit apart or in solid panels that will create a classic look that can accentuate your landscaping. Your decision is based on the design of your home and property, either vinyl or aluminum will elevate the look of both. 


While it’s true that aluminum and vinyl fences tend to have a higher price point than either wood or chain-link fences, the higher initial investment is easily offset by the lower maintenance requirements and the longevity of both types of material. 

There are a few factors that go into determining whether a Pensacola vinyl fence or aluminum fence is more expensive upfront. Depending on the style and length of the fence you want to install and the specifics of the installation, the price will vary. There are other details that can cause either vinyl or aluminum to be less expensive. However, the experts at High Steele Fencing can provide you with an accurate estimate. 

Care Requirements

Both Pensacola vinyl fence and aluminum fence are popular because both are relatively easy to maintain. Unlike wood, neither vinyl nor aluminum fencing is prone to rotting, fading, or cracking. While rust is definitely not a concern when it comes to vinyl, it is also not a factor for aluminum since it won’t rust as other metals do. 

In order to maintain the appearance of your vinyl fence, all that is needed is a simple wash once in a while. If you notice a stain or a mark on the fence, soap, and water will easily remove it. An occasional rinse can also benefit aluminum fences, but other than that, not much attention is needed. 


When you consider the lifespan of your new fence, aluminum is the clear winner over vinyl. A high-quality aluminum fence can last for 50 years with proper care. However, a good quality Pensacola vinyl fence can last longer than 20 years. Whichever one you choose, vinyl or aluminum, both deliver many years of worry-free fencing solutions, and both are backed by Activeyards’ lifetime warranty. 

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