Whether you want to block an unsightly view, keep your kids and pets safe in your backyard, or create more privacy for your family time outside, we’re sure in your search for a solution, you’ve come across the phrase “privacy fence” and “semi-privacy fence.” But what exactly do these phrases mean, and how do you know which is the best for you? Here are some tips from High Steele Fencing, the top Pensacola, FL fence company that may help you decide!

Full Privacy Fences From a Pensacola, FL Fence Company

Full privacy fences are created using pickets that are placed flush next to one another without any gaps. They provide a completely obstructed view of your property from the outside while preventing you from seeing anything outside of your property. In addition to blocking the view, full-privacy fences have many other benefits. Here are a few:

A Full-Privacy Fence Blocks Sound

Full-privacy fences are a solid barrier, so because of that, unpleasant sounds outside of your yard such as traffic, loud music, or rowdy neighbors are dramatically muffled. While a full-privacy fence may not block out all unpleasant sounds, a barrier between you and the outside can definitely provide you with a more peaceful environment, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space without being disturbed by the things going on around you. 

Full-Privacy Fences are Easier to Clean

A full-privacy fence is constructed by either installing solid sheets of vinyl between posts or by placing wood pickets directly next to one another, eliminating any spaces between them. Either way, a full-privacy fence has no space between the pickets, meaning you have fewer hard-to-reach spaces and less surface area to clean.

Pensacola, FL fence company High Steele Fencing offers multiple types and styles of full-privacy fencing. Our most popular types are vinyl and wood. We offer a variety of options for both wood and vinyl, which can be seen online on our vinyl fence and wood fence pages. 

Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fencing

Semi-privacy fences, as inferred in the name, offer a high level of privacy but not as much as a full-privacy fence. Semi-privacy fences do have some space between the pickets and definitely offer more privacy than a standard, decorative fence. Just like full-privacy fences, semi-privacy fences have very positive qualities. Here are some traits of semi-privacy fencing:

Airflow and Sunlight Can Pass Through

If you want to add privacy to your backyard but also want to be able to feel the breeze and enjoy seeing some sunlight filter through, then a semi-privacy fence may be the perfect solution for you. The narrow spaces between pickets in a semi-privacy fence can help add light and comfort to your yard or outdoor living space. Allowing a cool breeze to circulate on a hot Florida day can definitely make relaxing outside much more enjoyable.

Semi-Privacy Fences Reduce a “Boxed-In” Feeling

Full-privacy fences are great for creating an enclosed space. So if your priority is complete privacy where you can’t see out nor can passersby and neighbors see in, then a full-privacy fence is the best choice. However, if you want the option of feeling not quite so boxed in, where you can see the trees and other natural features outside of your fence, a semi-privacy fence is a middle ground between decorative and being completely enclosed. 


A great option for a semi-privacy fence is chain link fencing, with the addition of privacy slats. Privacy slats are long pieces of durable PVC that are woven into the chain link mesh to create a semi-private barrier, which offers an obstructed view but allows for light and outside movement to be seen. Privacy slats are available in a variety of colors to fit your style and preference! The experts at Pensacola, FL fence company, High Steele Fencing are pros at installing semi-privacy chain link fences. 


If you want to add a combination of a semi-privacy fence with a decorative flair, then we also offer a number of semi-privacy wood fence styles. Our photo gallery has many great examples of our full-privacy and semi-privacy fences. Take a look and see why our customers are so happy!

Pensacola Privacy Fence Vs Semi-Privacy Fence: Which One Should You Choose?

Both full-privacy and semi-privacy fences give you an attractive and sturdy border around your property. The question is, do you want your yard to be fully enclosed or a little more open and airy? Whichever one you choose you can rest assured that if your fence is installed by the professionals at High Steele Fencing, your family and pets will be safe and secure in your backyard. 

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