It can be difficult to find a Pensacola residential fence company that is reliable, credible, and competent when there are so many company choices available. Fluctuation in the retail market and economy has made it even more difficult to find a Pensacola residential fence company with a solid business history and exceptional expertise. This article discusses the top qualities to consider when you’re choosing a Florida Panhandle fence company. 

Top Qualities of a Trustworthy Pensacola Residential Fence Company 

When planning your next residential fence project, you must ask the following questions when searching for an outstanding company to work with. High Steele Fencing, a top-rated  Florida Panhandle fence company, can answer “YES!” to the following questions, making them an exceptional fencing company you can trust! 

Do They Have a Variety of Fence Options?

An outstanding fence company offers a variety of fences in different materials and styles. Due to recent supply chain issues, some products and colors are more difficult to stock, but we will always do our best to provide exactly what you want. Once your product is in stock, we are committed to installing your fence as quickly as possible. 


High Steele Fencing provides Residential and Commercial installation of the following styles: 

  • Aluminum Fencing
  • Wood Fencing
  • Chain-link Fencing
  • Vinyl Fencing

We only use quality materials made by reputable manufacturers, and we are experts on every type of fencing that we install. We will guide you through the process from start to finish to find the fence that perfectly meets your needs. 

Have They Been in Business for Several Years?

A Pensacola residential fence company that has been around for several years and is committed to providing expert professional fencing services to its customers is likely to be a reliable choice.

Our owner and founder, Chris Steele, is a Florida native who has built this company on reputation and relationships. High Steele Fencing has now been a dependable Florida Panhandle fence company since 2015. Our dedicated team of highly trained fence installers is committed to continual growth and improvement, and Chris is an active member of the American Fence Association (AFA). 

Is the Company Insured?

A conscientious fence company fully insures both their work and their workers. This guarantees that you’ll be protected should any accidents happen on your project.

High Steele Fencing is fully insured for all of the work we do in and around the Panhandle region of Florida. We guarantee safe, healthy work environments. We are also 100% committed to meeting the ASTM standards for each of our projects, whether residential or commercial. This ensures that each of our fence projects meets the highest levels of strength, safety, and quality.

Do They Have a Solid Warranty?

Having a solid warranty sets a Pensacola residential fence company apart from the competition. Guaranteeing their workmanship is a top priority and is never an issue for companies with experienced and skilled installers on their team. Not all fence companies offer warranties on the fence itself or on their installation, but a reputable company will be sure to stand behind its work. 


High Steele Fencing uses only the highest quality and most up-to-date materials on the market, and our products are built to ASTM standards to ensure longevity. We offer product and manufacturer warranties on every fence we install, and we also have a lifetime workmanship warranty and stand behind our work 100%. 


Do their Reviews Reflect Customer Satisfaction?

One of the advantages of modern technology is the ease with which information can be found online. Finding company reviews before hiring them is as simple as visiting their website or social media channels. Check out their customer reviews to see what others have said about them.


High Steele Fencing has several testimonials from our customers. Read what others have to say about us, and then check out our photo gallery for inspiration and ideas. 

Working With a Reputable Pensacola Residential Fence Company Is Important

Many fence companies are good businesses to work with, but not all of them maintain the high standards we have discussed. The business model and practices they have in place should influence your decision when choosing a fence company to work with. Quality people, quality materials, and quality reputation in the community – this is what sets the best companies apart from the competition. 


High Steele Fencing is responsive to all of your needs – from the moment you call for an estimate until we finish the job. We take pride in providing excellent customer service. We have a dedicated team that works hard to ensure your satisfaction at every stage of the process.