Fences have traditionally been made of metal or wood, but newer materials have revolutionized modern fencing. Although there are many fence varieties available, there is no comparison to the advantages of a vinyl fence in terms of longevity and cost savings. 

Vinyl is the most durable, low-maintenance, and cost-effective fence material available. It’s no surprise that vinyl fencing is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners and businesses alike. Keep reading for just a few of the ways that you can save money with a vinyl fence from High Steele, a reputable Pensacola, FL fence company.

Save Time and Money with a Pensacola Vinyl Fence

Although the initial cost of installing a vinyl fence isn’t much higher than that of a wooden one, it can add up if you have a big property or a long fence line. However, you make up for that cost over time because you don’t need nearly as much maintenance as wooden fencing. You will also not need to replace the vinyl fence as frequently. Because vinyl fencing never needs painting or staining and doesn’t rust or rot, there is essentially no cost to own the fence for decades. 


It’s also easy to keep your vinyl fence clean and looking brand new over time with just a quick spray of the hose to rinse off any dust or dirt. You’ll save both time and money by not having to do a deep cleaning on your fence several times per year.

The Durability and Strength of Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is made of a tough, long-lasting material that will not easily bend or break – it’s built to last! If your primary concern is safety, vinyl will protect both you and your valuables by providing your home with a strong, secure border. Weather hazards do not affect vinyl in the same way that they do other fences due to vinyl’s strength and flexibility. In the Southeast, storms are often accompanied by strong wind gusts. Vinyl can handle wind exceptionally well because it isn’t as rigid as other materials. 


In the unlikely event that your vinyl fence has any issues, High Steele, a top-rated Pensacola fence company, offers a lifetime workmanship warranty, so you can feel confident that your vinyl fence is a smart investment!

Enhance the Curb Appeal of your Home

What’s the point of a fence if it doesn’t improve the appearance of your yard? Sure, safety is a concern, but when all is said and done, you also want something that looks nice. Vinyl fences are not only affordable, but they also come in many stylish options. You can customize the color, shape, and height of a vinyl fence, and they can also be designed to create as much or as little privacy as you wish. 


Another consideration worth noting is that the fence you choose now may potentially be an attractive selling feature for your home in the future.  Your fence will be on display to anyone passing by your home and is one of the first things home buyers notice about its curb appeal. A beautiful fence will make your home more attractive and appealing both now and in the future!

Can a Fence Protect You From Litigation?

Nowadays, people have a variety of uses for their yards. For some, it might be recreation, such as a backyard pool. For others, it might be a need for storage. Some may use the side or back of their homes to store a variety of items, like power tools or bladed instruments, where you might think they are set safely out of harm’s way. However, if someone gets injured because of a hazard on your property, that person can sue for the damages that he or she sustained in the accident. It’s always a good idea to keep your pool or potentially hazardous tools safe and secure from anyone outside of your yard with a proper fence, saving you costs of possible litigation in the future.

We’re Now an ActiveYards Authorized Dealer

High Steele, your trusted Pensacola, FL fence company, just became an authorized dealer of the ActiveYards brand, further increasing their portfolio of vinyl fence options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for ultimate outdoor privacy (like the Dogwood fence offers) or added strength and security that you’ll find with their Glidelock technology, High Steele is proud to partner with ActiveYards to offer even more quality options to their customers!

A Pensacola Vinyl Fence is a Sound Investment

Now that you know that High Steele Fencing uses only the best techniques and quality materials for our vinyl fences, you can be confident that your Pensacola vinyl fence will be built to last and save you money in the long run! Our knowledgeable team of professionals is ready to answer your questions and get you started with planning your installation. You can also use our instant quote tool on our website as well for a fast, convenient quote and comparison.

Give us a call at (850) 889-4059 or contact us through our website today for the friendly, courteous service you can rely on! At High Steele Fence, we build more than fences – we build relationships!