Choosing the right fence design can be a challenge, so it’s important to choose a top-rated Pensacola, FL fence company. We are pleased to share that HighSteele Fencing is now an authorized dealer of ActiveYards fencing products. Whether you need privacy fencing, pool fencing, or decorative fencing, we are sure to have what you are looking for. Keep reading to see our most popular styles. 

ActiveYards’ Vinyl Offers a Clean Look & Custom Options

Beautiful yet low-maintenance, vinyl fencing is a great option for Pensacola residential fence owners. Due to the way it is manufactured, vinyl fencing is the same color throughout, making it fade-resistant. Vinyl will not chip, peel, or rot. It is available in several colors, including some finishes that look like wood. These are a great option, because they offer the look of wood without the need for staining, painting, or sealing, and they are not susceptible to insect damage. 

ActiveYards’ vinyl fences do not sag or bow, because they are constructed from StayStraight® Rails and StaySquare® Gates. Engineered to prevent bowing and sagging, they are guaranteed to be durable and long-lasting. In addition to being available in several colors, there are several styles of fence post caps to choose from. Having flexibility with the design allows for customization, making your fence a true reflection of your style.  

The following designs are the most popular vinyl fences from ActiveYards:  


Offering complete privacy and uncompromising security, privacy fences are an excellent choice for Pensacola residential fence owners looking to keep unwanted visitors out while keeping pets or little ones in. Full-privacy fences come in several designs and colors, and full panels can be installed either vertically or horizontally. Transitional fencing offers an additional design element, with pickets atop the privacy panels. This combines the full benefit of privacy with the classic artistry of a picket fence. With so many styles and design options, we are confident you will find the fence that is just right for you. 


Semi-privacy fences offer the same look as full-privacy fences with the additional benefit of increased airflow. Due to the pickets being slightly spaced, wind is able to move freely through the fence, increasing its ability to withstand high winds and extreme weather. This increased airflow is the main benefit of semi-privacy fencing from an expert Pensacola residential fence company. For those who like the look of a full-privacy fence but who need increased airflow, semi-privacy vinyl fencing is an excellent choice. 


When thinking of a classic fence design, picket fences top the list. This iconic style is available in several designs and colors, making it quite customizable. Picket fences are beautiful and create a nice border for residential or commercial properties. 

ActiveYards’ Aluminum Fencing’s Sleek Features

Sleek, stylish, and suitable for both residential and commercial spaces, aluminum fencing is one of the most popular types available. Aluminum fencing is durable, low maintenance, customizable, and easy to care for. ActiveYards’ cutting-edge powder coating exceeds industry standards and outperforms our competitors in advanced weather testing. Aluminum is not a good option for those who need full privacy and security, but for those looking to fence in a pool, add a beautiful perimeter border, or improve curb appeal, aluminum is an excellent choice. 

ActiveYards’ aluminum fencing is available in many styles, from traditional to contemporary, making it versatile and customizable. We offer several post caps and butterfly scrolls or circle inserts to accessorize further. The choices are really only limited by your imagination! 

Ready to Build a Custom Fence with an Expert Pensacola, FL Fence Company? 

Our HighSteele Fencing expert professionals can’t wait to show you why we are an expert Pensacola residential fence company! Our knowledgeable staff will walk you through all of ActiveYards’ options so that you can find the design that fits your needs. Call us at (850) 889-4059 or Contact Us online. We look forward to working with you!