A common question that we get from Pace Florida homeowners is: “Which type of fence is best in Pace?”  It’s a natural question to ask.  In this article, we will tackle this very important question.


What Qualifies as the “Best Fence” for Pace Florida?

Interestingly, the “best” fence for Pace really depends on what you mean by “best”.  For some people, “best” simply means the strongest fence.  To others, the “best” fence is the one that lasts the longest.  This is a natural concern for Pace residents because our climate and weather can really put a lot of pressure on a fence at certain times of the year.  


Price, of course, usually plays a part when choosing the “best” fence.  Some fences are significantly more expensive than the others.  If the more expensive fences are only marginally stronger or last just a little longer, does that justify the additional cost to you?  It really depends on what your goals are.


I encourage you to really consider your goals when attempting to determine which fence type is “best” for you.  Believe me, it is probably a completely different answer than your neighbor may have.  In the end, the best fence for Pace homeowners is a highly subjective question that only YOU can answer.


Breaking Down the Types of Fencing That Are Best for Pace Florida

Each type of fencing material has its own set of pros and cons.  The key to choosing the best fence for your Pace home is to thoroughly understand the differences between each type of fence.

Wood Fence in Pace Florida

Wood fencing is the perfect way to add natural beauty to your Pace FL property. There are many fence styles like dog-eared, shadow box or scalloped. We can also create custom cuts and designs to match your unique style. Different types of wood are available at different price points. Wood fences are great for customization as they can easily be stained or painted to match your property. Unlike our other fence types, wood fences do require regular maintenance to prevent cracks and warping.  Explore Wood Fences to learn about all of your options and choices.

Chain Link Fence in Pace Florida

For property owners in Pace who value practicality and affordability, chain-link fences are perfect for you. Chain-link fences are low maintenance and provide a practical barrier for your yard, front gate or farm. Chain-link fences also work well for commercial properties and farms since they are long-lasting and easily secure animals. Chain link comes in many different colors and coatings as well as different mesh sizes.   Explore Chain Link Fences to learn about all of your options and choices. 

Vinyl Fence in Pace Florida

If you’re looking to enhance the style of your Pace home or business, vinyl fencing is a great option. Certain styles of vinyl fencing provide the look of regular wood, without worrying about wood rot and routine repairs that wood fences need. Vinyl can also be easily cleaned with household cleaners or sprayed with a hose. Our vinyl fences also come with a lifetime manufacturers warranty for residential and commercial properties.  Explore Vinyl Fences to learn about all of your options and choices. 

Aluminum Fence in Pace Florida

Aluminum fencing is perfect for practicality, security and low maintenance. Many Pace homeowners prefer to use aluminum fencing around their pool areas.  Aluminum fences come with a lifetime warranty on residential and commercial properties. If you aren’t satisfied with your fence, you’re protected and we can help with repairs or replacement. We offer a range of different styles, grades and colors.  Explore Aluminum Fences to learn about all of your options and choices. 

As you can see the fencing material you choose can vary greatly and each one offers unique benefits.  Which one is best for you?  If you are not sure, make sure to speak with one of our fence experts, we’re happy to help!

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