PostMaster® is a family of steel posts that are a revolutionary alternative that outperforms the typical wood posts and traditional round metal posts that are used with wood fence installations. We trust the strength and durability of PostMaster posts to give every wood fence we build a longer lifespan and a stronger foundation. Read below to discover why they’re worth every penny!

PostMaster Posts Are Worth the Upgrade

A new fence is an important investment for you and your family, so you should consider the full cost of installing different types of fence posts. A wood post is the most economical, but it will soon diminish in strength and performance as the natural material begins to break down. Steel posts require additional parts for installation which can cause them to be more expensive than the PostMaster posts. 


PostMaster posts are superior in strength and durability and are aesthetically more appealing. Their engineered design allows them to be easily covered from view, allowing you to have a true good neighbor fence.

Photo of a postmaster post

Here are some of the amazing benefits of Postmaster Posts:


  • They will not warp, shrink, or rot
  • Withstands up to 73 MPH winds
  • Designed to work with standard 2×4 rails on most styles of wood fences
  • Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty
  • Posts can be easily hidden from view on both sides with a single board


Authorized Dealer of PostMaster Fence Posts

Our commitment to providing the best materials and installation for our customers sets us apart from other Florida fence companies in the Panhandle region. We’d love to tell you about the innovative and long-lasting design of PostMaster fence posts for your wood fence. If you have questions, our fence professionals are here to help you at (850) 889-4059, or contact us online for fast, friendly service!