Spring is here and you can feel it in the air. For the Pensacola and Pace, Florida regions, the weather is warming up, but not yet to the scorching heat of summer. It’s the perfect time to do some “spring cleaning” in your yard and get your outdoor area ready for a full season of parties and plans. 

Take some advice from this Florida panhandle fence company and the experience we have over the years and read through these FIVE suggestions for taking the best care of your fence at this time of year.

1. Perform A Full Inspection of Your Florida Fence

The first thing to do is to take a full inventory of the condition of your fence. Take a nice slow stroll around the perimeter of your fence from the outside and the inside. Give it a thorough overview and even test out the stability by putting a little pressure on each post. This is especially applicable to wood fences as they can rot over time. 


As you view the current condition of your fence during Springtime, look especially in the joints and the seams for any signs of problems or potential issues. If you see rust spots in your chain link fence, these can be addressed and fixed before it gets worse. Doing regular check-ups are going to help you avoid the major problems by nipping the tiny ones in the bud.

2. Note Any Fence Repairs Needed

When there are any broken boards, rot spots, or rust areas, make a note of each one so you can begin to determine what to do about it. Pieces of wood fence that are cracked or warped can be replaced individually for minimal work and cost. Rotten posts can be replaced singly, as well. Rusty metal fences can be cleaned off and scrubbed down and then patched with protective coating.


When repairs are minimal, sometimes it’s easy to do it yourself, but if you aren’t sure or you have questions about how to do it, the experts at High Steele Fencing can help! Give our Florida panhandle fence company a call to get the support you need.

3. Check for Fence Stains and Dirt to Clean

Routinely checking for issues like dirt, mold, and other stains will help you be able to eliminate any problems before they spread to other parts of your fence or even to other structures in your yard. Wood fences are the most susceptible to mold or moss, but even non porous metal fences can be a carrier for mold growth when there’s high humidity, flooding or other poorly ventilated areas.


A variety of different cleaners can be used depending on the material of your fence. If the mold or dirt on your fence is just a light dusting, washing it down with a hose may be enough. If there are stains that need something more, there are other gentle cleaners you can use depending on the material of your fence. The more often you can check for any dirt on your fence, the easier it will be to keep it from developing larger, more stubborn stains later on.

4. Stain or Paint Your Wood Fence to Protect and Refresh

Specifically, wood fences need to be repainted or restained after a few years to keep it protected and looking new. There’s no better time than the Spring to spruce it up! Check your wood fence to see the condition of the surface, the vibrancy of the color, and if there are any cracks or breaks in the material. The best way to do the job well is hire the professionals from a Florida panhandle fence company to complete the restoration. If you’d like to do it yourself, be sure to get more details of the best processes and products to refinish your fence best.

5. Clean Up Your Landscaping Surrounding Your Fence in FL

Spring is also the best time to refresh your landscaping that is next to your fence. Keep your bushes and other landscaping trimmed well as it’s beginning to grow new blossoms and to be sure not to scratch or overwhelm your fence. If you have any vines that are beginning to grow on your fence, be sure to cut them back to avoid doing harm to the material. Practicing this habit will also allow you to have the room and access to your fence to clean it the rest of the way.

Contact Your Local Fence Company

After inspecting your fence and determining how much work it needs to get it ready for Spring, you may decide that it’s really time for a new fence. If that’s the case, let us help guide you through the process. Our online estimator tool can get you a quote in minutes. Our staff is also available to speak to directly.

Your Best Florida Panhandle Fence Company for Spring Cleaning!

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